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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

"Artisan" exhibition at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery

Here is some more of the new pieces I prepared for "Artisan" - an exhibition of artist makers works at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery. I travelled down on a bright Friday, getting up at the crack of dawn to avoid too much traffic on the Dartford Crossing. I have wanted to go to Tunbridge Wells for a very long time, to see the very famous Pantiles. It's such a beautiful town, and on a day like this, it was magical.

The pieces below are all A4 in size.You can see some fantastic photos of the show HERE - on David Hodgkinson's Photography website. There really is some excellent work on show in the exhibition, a real celebration of the hand-made...

You will see that these new pieces have a different feel... I have been bolder in the images.... and a bit quirkier too. That's my legs in the stripey one...

"Warrior Woman" ©Vanessa Stone

"Being in Love" © Vanessa Stone

"Stripey Tights" © Vanessa Stone

"Dahlia and the Cambridge Bicycle" © Vanessa Stone

To visit the museum and art gallery, here are the details:

Tunbridge Wells
Museum and Art Gallery
Civic Centre
Mount Pleasant
Royal Tunbridge Wells
Telephone: 01892 554171

Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 5.00pm
Sunday: 10.00am - 4.00pm

Closed Bank Holidays and Easter Saturday
Admission free

Monday, 19 November 2012

Affordable Art Fair Hampstead - new works on show with Byard Art

For the first time, Byard Art took my work to Hampstead Affordable Art Fair and it was a chance to make some new Cambridge pieces as well as some quirkier ones... can you see my legs cut as paper? I was so pleased when I made these... they made me smile so much. I must do some more, and gets tights shopping!

"Girls on a Swing" © Vanessa Stone

Work all laid out to see!  © Vanessa Stone

Working like a smaller, affordable pieces

I have been working like a demon in the last few weeks. There was all the new work for Affordable Art Fair Hampstead, then 12 new pieces for the "Artisan" exhibition at Tunbridge Wells Museum and Art Gallery that runs until 6th January....and now I am making new smaller, affordable pieces which will be sold on my website.

"Little blue pussums" © Vanessa Stone

"Pegasus" © Vanessa Stone

Monday, 8 October 2012

"A Paper Garden City" - exhibition up and ready to see....

The latest works are ready to see! "A Paper Garden City" is on at Letchworth Art Centre and runs from 1 October until 31st October. Ten new Letchworth pieces. Please do leave a comment for me....

Letchworth Art Centre opening hours are:

 Mon- Frid 10 - 5 and Saturday 10 - 3pm

Letchworth Art Centre
2 The Arcade, Letchworth Garden City, SG6 3EW.

On the floor..."A Paper Garden City"

Just before I had these new Letchworth - "A Paper Garden City" pieces framed up, I laid them on the floor in their rough, in-punch-pockets state. I'd never really done that before... I suppose as this is the first time for ages that I have made a very focussed collection of work. When I made the Letchworth pieces four years ago I didn't ever do it, so really its the first time! What's lovely to see is that they all seem to fit together...and there is an integrity to them that I haven't seemed to capture before. They are all so simple... just views of the town, nothing fancy at really. I am as chuffed as punch with them though....

A Paper Garden City - laid out on the floor

Monday, 1 October 2012

A paper Garden City - new Letchworth works since 2008

I have been making some new Letchworth Garden City's been four years since I made the ones for the solo exhibition at the First Garden City Heritage Museum that set me on a whole new path with my paper work, a path that started me making the architectural paper cuts. Before that I had just been fiddling about with white line figure paper cuts. The Heritage Museum show was a whole show of just Letchworth buildings. Click HERE to see the work I made for the show.

This is one of the new ones though - a set of ten new pieces, just A4 in size and half way cut of course. I love Letchworth station... there has been many journeys there into the smoke... and Welwyn Garden City is a favourite too. Many hours have been spent there watching the fastest trains thunder through. I just love the speed. It's very heartening making some work based on Letchworth. I have been here over twenty years now... there are many memories as I wander round the town,. so many memories. They all seemed to be present in my head, through my hand as I was making these. I suppose its because its home's where I live, where I exist. Where my heart is.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Paper Quotes - A-Z exhibition at Byard Art

Come along to the Private View this Thursday 13th September 6 - 8pm at Byard Art's latest exhibition A-Z that starts on Friday 14th September and runs until 7th October 2012 and you can see four new pieces fresh from the studio.

In the exhibition with a wide range of work by British contemporary artists - each chosen specifically to represent a letter of the alphabet. I am Q for quotes and this was an opportunity to do some pieces based on poems that I love, some real classics that I have have known for many many "To his Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell, "Ruth by Thomas Hood, The Skye Boat song and even a quote from Arthur Shaunessy's "0de"

About the new works:
The two pieces at the top are in my usual style of papercuts and layered collage, with vintage papers and hand made marbled papers cut to form the text. Increasingly in my work I am using lettering and image together...and these are some of my favourite I have made. It's funny how they just seem to want to be cut from the paper.

The other two pieces below are a departure of sorts and are paper cuts of text with layered postage stamp collages underneath. The Skye Boat song features stamps from across the world with ships and seas and rivers on them.... and the "We are the music makers" piece features stamps that have images of inspiration on them from the Olympics to buildings built.

Larger images of the new works will be posted to my website later today.

So come along on Thursday evening for a late summer evening in Cambridge and enjoy seeing all the artists' new works in the A-Z exhibition at Byard Art.

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Proving to myself I can still do it... four new pieces for Byard Art Summer Show

I admit it...  have been having major wobbles about my work. After the move, after the emotional upheaval - could I still do it? make pieces that are relevant, have balance? could I still hold the scalpel calmly in my hand when my insides are all a tangly mush? well... I took it bit by bit and got four pieces done. They are only A4, so nothing extra ordinary in the great scheme of things, especially when I think of all the prestigious installationey things that are set up in the art world. I am such a teeny tiny minnow in the scheme of things....but to me, these four pieces are a little mini triumph that normality is beginning to happen. That life, so vastly different from how it was, will still push onwards, and making my art ill still be essential part of my life.

These four pieces - classic icons of Cambridge: the market place, the apples trees in The Orchard, the Mathematical Bridge and of course the punts - are all available to buy from Byard Art, Cambridge right now in the summer show, all priced at £300 each.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Making paper animal faces at Pop Up 2012!

With extra special thanks to James Mayhew and Orchard Books, who took these photos of me at Pop Up Festival of Stories 2012. It's the strangest thing to see pictures of me talking, demo-ing and realising that that dress was a tad too short! I have done this in schools many times, working with children to make their own paper faces... this was the first time I WAS MIKED UP AND TALKING TO A CROWD. ITS WAS AS SCARY AS HECK! I just chattered away and shared my enthusiasm for making art from humble materials...and the children loved seeing faces appear out of the paper. It was such a lovely day making paper dragons and faces. I felt honoured to be part of it.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Making paper faces

I have been making paper faces for a fair while...usually its for children's workshops as the folding the paper in half and cutting eyes, nose and mouth is a kind of magic thing to watch someone make and have a go doing too. I demonstrated how to do it just recently at the Pop Up Festival of Stories 2012 It really gets your brain going as you have to think about how to use a simple shape to convey a face. I have never done them with a scalpel though... its always been with scissors. 

Until now..... I am in a new house, a new life and up from my subconscious are rising these faces. Creativity is a magical thing! talk about a mystery...and I quite like this start. I like the fact that she looks like a warrior, a woman who is looking intently, a woman that's focussed. The nose and the lips on the second version are a bit rubbish though!  Mark 3 coming soon....

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Exciting times! I will be part of Pop Up Festival of Stories!

Well... exciting times! I am going to be part of the 2012 Pop Up Festival of Stories/ Kings Cross! I will be working alongside the wonderful James Mayhew and Clara Vulliamy - I will be making paper cut outs of paper knights and princesses and making paper dragons too! James is curating the space and there will be all sorts of things being made, exhibited, hung and things to just look at , along with sessions of story telling. It will be a full on six hours for the public to come and enjoy!

 On Tuesday we had the planning meeting for what we are going to do. At Eat Shop Do we munched on great slabs of carrot cake and drank cups of tea. It's quite a place.. full of retro crockery and furniture, along with quirky things to buy. I had the sweetest teapot to pour from.

It was the most gorgeous day in London . One of those light, bright days when the light seems silvery clear. I dashed into the National Gallery to see Uccello's George and the Dragon - the inspiration for the paper cuts the children visiting the festival will get to make.. and Trafalgar Square just looked amazing.

Friday, 25 May 2012

A wall of my work at Byard Art

It's rather a thrill to see pieces of my work when they are exhibited in galleries. There is always the excitement and nervousness of how many have been hung, where, good light or tucked in a corner. The wonderful Byard Art seems to always hang my work in lovely places. They out did themselves though recently for the Anglia Revealed exhibition and put many of my pieces on one wall! I was so completely chuffed! have a look at the picture!!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Trauma and bunting...

My life is a bit traumatic at the moment to say the least. I am separating from my husband of 20 years and moving house with the kids, we will be sharing time with them. Just that little sentence will no doubt tell you that I have had a lot on my plate lately! And in amongst the big ups and downs, the sadness's of coming to terms with what's happening, I am managing to do some work for the "Jubilee" show at Byard Art that starts this coming Saturday. And here is one of the pieces...some cheery bunting. And I loved making it. Loved the patterns, loved the colour of it, loved the optimism that's inherent in the image. I think I may make lots more... somehow these cheery little flags have stirred my rather bashed heart.And you can get to see a little of the process of the making of them...

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Due to popular demand - now smaller pieces available from my shop!

By popular demand, I have been developing some smaller, more affordable pieces for people that want to give something that isn't at all available in the shops, or if you are more limited with hanging space then these would be ideal. And anyone that knows me well knows that I am not elitist... I actually hate things that are just too fancy pants.... so to make pieces that are much more affordable to all seems the right thing to do. So here some examples of them - priced at £45.00 (that includes the P&P) - they are all A6 in size and mounted onto Bockingford watercolour paper with a cream card window mount.All ready to fit straight into a 8" x 10". To see more click HERE and be redirected to my on-line shop.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Sometimes... the universe lurches to a new rhythm

It's been a long old time since I have posted anything on here. For the last few months I have had a lot on (my personal life taking a very dramatic change)...and lots of new work for Affordable Art Fair that was at the beginning of March and now another show at Byard Art EAST ANGLIA REVEALED and work that I am really excited about. SIX pieces sold at Affordable, along with commissions that came from it too.

Here is some info and a taster of the new pieces now on show at Byard:

East Anglia Revealed
29 March–22 April

Contemporary images of Cambridge and East Anglia by

Lucy Jones
Lee Madgwick
David Rhys Jones
Kevin Safe
Helaina Sharpley
Vanessa Stone
Claire Turner
Ann Winder-Boyle

Jewellery by
Vicki Ambery-Smith and
Lottie Farman

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


As part of my drive to move away from the "papercutgirl" tag - I have started a new Facebook fan page. It's a bit scary as I am incredibly grateful and chuffed to have built up the fans to 260-ish. Sometimes though you just have to grab the bull by the horns and once a decision is made, stick to it and make the changes. Its quite exciting in many ways. I felt the tag was holding me back a lot as it didn't describe my current work very well... so its onwards and upwards!

CLICK HERE for the link to the Facebook Page - VANESSA STONE - CUT PAPER and come along and click the LIKE button to get regular updates about the things I am working in and the things that catch my eye...

Thank you!!

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Happy New Year!!! and a cut paper poem to enjoy...

Holy moly guacamole - where did Christmas go???

Somehow it disappeared in a flash! I have been doing lots and lots of work, so maybe that's it. I have lined up for you several posts all about the joys of cutting up postage activity that I thought was VERY simple but has opened a whole can of worms and an exciting path for me to follow.

So here is a very Happy NEW YEAR to you and here is wishing you all the very best luck and happiness's for the coming year ahead.

Here is a cut paper poem for you to enjoy reading and looking at. I did make it as a collage but re-cut it as a plain simple words only poem and I rather like just how plain it is. Click HERE to hear me say it aloud...